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Things to consider when hiring a cleaner

There are many people out there who hire a professional cleaner only to find themselves cleaning up before they arrive. While no cleaner wants to find a home in an overly messy state that will require more time than a regular clean, they are usually more than happy to take care of any task and will not make judgements on any messy home. They have seen it all. But there are some things to think about when hiring a professional cleaner that can make their lives easier and ensure that everyone involved is happy.

Be clear on how you need to pay

When hiring a professional cleaner, it is important to know how they prefer to be paid. It is most common that people will want to be paid cash on the day, so it is important to always have cash on hand ready for when they arrive, or to leave the cash on the counter for them. Alternatively, when paying via direct deposit, it can be a good idea to transfer the funds the night before or to set up a regular transaction so that they are always paid on time. This also makes it more likely that the cleaner will be more committed to the task as they know exactly how and when they will be paid.

Let them know if you think something will be harder

There can be times when you suspect that the task at hand may be a little harder than usual. For example, there may be more to do after entertaining guests over the weekend, toilets may be dirtier than usual, or there may be more clothes to iron. When this is the case, simply let the cleaner know and ask them if they would like extra money or suggest that they can leave the extra tasks. Once again, this will ensure that everyone is happy and that a great professional relationship will be built over time.

Let them know well in advance if you need to reschedule

Finally, a great protocol to go by when needing to reschedule or cancel a clean is to give at least 48-hours’ notice. It is common for cleaners to bulk areas together, so they may have scheduled other cleans based around you. Of course, things in life will pop up, it is just important to give sufficient notice to be respectful.

Getting the Most Out of Your Commercial Cleaner

There are many studies that prove a clean area breads productivity. Obviously, you want your employees to be the most productive they can be in their office! This is probably why you have enlisted the assistant of commercial cleaning for your office space (and if not, you should really consider the benefits of a commercial cleaning service!).

Why should you get your office professionally cleaned?

Office cleaning probably isn’t on the top of your to do list, right? Well, that is understandable; there are a lot of other more important things that you need to be doing with your time. However, having a clean and safe office is important because it allows for a fresh mind and healthy work space.

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