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● Christies Cleaning maintains the cleanliness and presentation of many corporate office precincts and commercial properties across NSW. Our service performance gives our clients a sense of pride about their workplace.

● Our team ensures that the services provided at our clients’ sites comply with the requirements of Work Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Quality Assurance, and Risk Management. Christies Cleaning caters to environmentally conscious clients by using energy efficient equipment and
machinery, and implementing waste reduction and recycling services. Christies Cleaning’s core offering is complemented by ancillary and specialised services, thus providing clients with a complete solution.


● Christies Cleaning is the cleaning provider of choice to major and regional airports across the country. Our services are tailored to airport operations and are available to clients around the clock. As a company, we have the infrastructure to maintain excellent standards of cleanliness in these areas. Christies Cleaning offers a comprehensive cleaning service which covers airline jet bases, domestic and international terminals, airline club lounges, customs and security screening areas, checkin counters, baggage handling areas, function rooms, administration areas, medical centres and car parks.

● Our staffs abides by stringent security and safety procedures to ensure that these areas are kept in a clean, hygienic and appealing state for the thousands of travellers and workers that frequent them every day.


● Christie’s Cleaning maintains the hygiene and cleanliness of highly frequented sites in the retail sector. Following the customisation of our services according to the client’s needs, our team is responsible for providing a clean retail site.

In addition to cleaning, property maintenance, and ancillary services,
our retail service specialties include:
● Tracking Systems
● Independent Slip Tests
● Strip and Seal
● Compliance with security procedures
● Evacuation Preparedness Training

Warehousing & Factories

● Christie’s Cleaning has the flexibility to work with the unique specifications,
production schedules, and safety requirements of any industrial site. As such, clients in the industrial sector have complete confidence that our team is tending to their site in an appropriate way.

● By integrating cleaning, property and grounds maintenance, and ancillary services, Christie’s Cleaning provides industrial clients with a complete solution. In catering to environmental concerns, Christie’s Cleaning implements sustainability initiatives such as the use of green cleaning processes.

Health & Aged Care

● Christie’s Cleaning manages all cleaning and maintenance requirements for clients in the health sector. Our professional services alleviate any concerns about the standard of hygiene and cleanliness in hospitals, medical centres, and aged care facilities.

● As the health sector is bound by stringent laws and regulations, Christie’s Cleaning ensures that our cleaning services provided comply with safety, risk, and environmental management policies. We always use quality equipment and machinery, and follow ethical guidelines when handling chemicals and cleaning products.


Christie’s Cleaning maintains clean and healthy learning environments for many clients in the education sector such as universities, TAFE colleges, and private and government colleges and schools. We offer flexible cleaning, property maintenance, and grounds maintenance service to avoid disrupting students and teaching staff during school hours.

● If desired, Christie’s Cleaning can also implement ‘green’ initiatives, including waste reduction and recycling programs. Our operations managers can assist in curbing the cost of utilities by reducing energy and water consumption during the cleaning process.


Christie’s Cleaning is a qualified provider of cleaning services to hotels, entertainment centres, theatres and museums. Our services enhance the customer experience, as well as the image of our clients’ hotels and public venues in the eyes of patrons.

Christie’s Cleaning provides the following services for hospitality clients
● Overnight cleaning and housekeeping
● Maintaining cleanliness of rooms and facilities
● Washroom and consumables
● Kitchen maintenance
● Upholstery and blind cleaning


The Christie’s Cleaning service standard enhances the appearance and sterility of transport depots. Our strict adherence to the WHS Act 2011 assures clients that we are qualified to work in public sites where traffic, safety, and hygiene are prime concerns. In addition, our emergency services mitigate any potential interruptions to the operation of our clients’ businesses.

Our service offer for clients in the transportation industry includes:
● General cleaning and maintenance
● High pressure washing
● Emergency cleaning
● Waste collection

Special Events
● Christie’s Cleaning provide an extensive cleaning, property maintenance, ancillary and onsite management services for a range of our clients in the leisure, entertainment and sporting sectors. Our professional team work around patrons to ensure their experiences are met with the quality of our clients’ expectations.

A complete solution for our clients, integrating:

● Cleanliness of Rooms & Facilities
● Property & Grounds Maintenance
● Ancillary Services
● Sanitary & Waste Management
● OnSite Management of Waste Removal

Financial Institutions

● Christie’s Cleaning is the preferred cleaning and maintenance provider for several financial institutions. Our team is security screened and trained to work within strict security requirements, and these processes instil trust and confidence in our clients. We have the financial resources and infrastructure to manage our work on a national

Christie’s Cleaning provides the following services to our financial
● General cleaning and tidying
● Cleaning data centres
● Maintaining Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)
● Property and site maintenance
● Waste collection
● Specialised cleaning processes
● Emergency services
● Ancillary services


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