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Corporate Sustainability


Christies Cleaning is continuously engaging in sustainable practices with the support of our clients, their staff and our wider community to continue to grow ethically. Part of our commitment to sustainability we provide our clients with an option of GREEN cleaning services. All our duties are undertaken ethically and responsibly, in hand that provides a fair and pleasant working environment where our staff members can blossom and provide exceptional productivity.

Quality & Technology


Christies Cleaning is financially stable in being able to invest in top quality
machinery, resources and equipment that assist in driving the highest of onsite
cleanliness standards. All of Christies Cleaning’s machinery and equipment are serviced and maintained by our Leasing partners, we believe that partnership with the right Technology provider makes the delivery of projects greatly efficient. Our onsite Inspection managers conduct and assess continuous improvement for each project no matter the size or location.

Our People & Relationships


At Christies Cleaning we are dedicated to developing, forming, and sustaining long term business relationships with all our clients and employees. Our detailed approach has allowed us to acquire and maintain a large portfolio of clients that are loyal and from diverse industries. We take every measure to ensure our employees are left feeling valued and our clients feeling empowered.

Christies Cleaning believes that customer service in hand with exponential service delivery has seen our contract renewal rate sky rocket; our clients refuse to go elsewhere due to our great commitment to service and the achievement of all objectives. We continually communicate and collaborate with our clients to achieve greater results and deliver on the overall commercial vision of our clients.

Safety & Training


Christies Cleaning is continually committed to professionally developing our staff, employees and our management teams to efficiently deliver on all of our clients’ objectives. This allows us to uphold our quality standards day in day out. We induct and train all new staff through our stringent training policy, which covers WH&S, Customer Service and Risk Management. We have a training partner which provides our management teams with formal training and practical application to the job.


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