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Working With Demolition Services in Sydney

Thinking of tearing down your house and starting over? Demolition Services in Sydney have thrown together a few tips on this noisy but necessary practice – namely, the prep work, and what you can do in the lead up to having the professionals come in.

Before beginning any project, demolition services Sydney advise that it’s crucial to get together with your professional to note the dimensions, interior walls, and smaller and structures, which you have to be more careful with.

We’ve thrown together a manual to get you started on taking down different parts of your house.


Before any demolition services in Sydney can begin their work, you must have all utilities disconnect as electric flow during such work can be a great danger, and would stop the project dead in its tracks!


Abestos is a natural silicate mineral that is heat, fire, and electricity proof.

Equally as essential as cutting all electricity, is getting an asbestos sampling procedure to measure the amount of this hazardous material on the site. demolition services in Sydney require an assessment before beginning any work.

Interior walls

One necessity you’re likely to encounter in the main family areas, after clearing out furniture and disconnecting all power, is the tearing down of interior walls. There are different kinds of these, so get to know what you’re dealing with.

These include but aren’t limited to…

  • Brick interior walls
  • Plaster walls – can be made from cement, lime, clay, and more
  • Drywalls – panels of calcium sulfate dihydrate


The first thing you need to ask is ‘how big is it?’ We first need an idea of dimensions. How many square metres is it? Is it a one car or two car garage?

When working with garages, demolition services Sydney say to bear in mind that there aren’t a lot of interior walls. It’s also need to ask the client to remove electricity before beginning work. You don’t want power-lines around. This will bring all work to a halt.



With the aid of a drill and other smaller tools, start by removing screws and hinges on cabinet doors and shelves. Focus first on upper cabinets. Then remove exterior elements like caulk and molding.

Separate cabinets with the drill, before removing them from walls. Start by taking out screws closest to the bottom, working your way up. You’re now ready to lift the cabinet off the wall, with the aid of a crowbar. Be sure to have supports, such as wood, and a second pair of hands if you’re finding it too heavy.

Moving onto lower benches, remove drawers and doors, before using a crowbar and hammer to lift out the sink and cabinets. Use a voltage tester to ensure there’s no electricity flowing through your appliances before removing these too.

Now that your kitchen is prepared… is time to call on your demolition services in Sydney.


Next, our demolition services Sydney say when it comes to the removal of tubs and basins in the bathroom, you first need to remove fixtures such as a shower-heads, drains, taps, and valves. Most can be done with a drill, however drains require a special drain removal tool. Find this listed as a ‘drain extractor’ or ‘drain wench’.

Be sure to remove the waterlines from the shut-off valves, before removing all plumbing. Then you can remove the vanity first by cutting away at the caulk, then lifting bench-top pieces away.

You may also remove doors and door frames before moving onto the next steps with demolition services in Sydney.

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